Student Government

Hermetas provides a range of services targeting student governments (ASO’s) of the California Community College system. We have found that ever year students must relearn what was learned by their previous administration. Hermetas is here to streamline this re-learning process. We provide training and consultation on California’s Open Meetings Laws, Parliamentary Procedure, and Robert’s Rules of Order, as well as IT services to fit student government’s specific needs.

All partners and associates of Hermetas have had personal experience in Student Government and share the passion that comes from empowering the future. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Political Organizations

Hermetas has vast experince working with political organizations. Caucuses, elections, conventions; you name it, we have done it. Proper procedure allows for the equality of the individule to turn into the action of the group. It is often difficult for people to understand that Hermetas is devoted to the way of doing things right and not basing success on the decisions organizations make.

Religious Organizations

Extra sensitivity is necessary when working with Religious organizations. Religious organizations have more legal freedom while tending to be held to a higher public standard. Firing a CEO is not the same as reviewing your minister, or even your entire ministry. Hermetas can help your organization craft rules of procedure that allow for the free flowing nature of religous organizations, without sacraficing needed safe guards for controversy or liability.


Normally, Hermetas is neutral, acting only as an outside consultant. Usually we prefer to have our clients learn by doing. Some situations benefit from our advocacy. When we become your advocate we make it our mission to solve your specific problem. Like an attorney this does not mean that we agree or disagree with your position. (← Legal Disclaimer :p) Also, like an attorny, we will advocate with all our skill and strength, while still allowing you to make key decisions and stay in control.

Conflict Resolution

Robert’s Rules is a form of conflict resolution: Individual agendas become united into group action. When individules fail to maintain civillity, when the unified group splinters into factions, or when everybody looks around and wonders “How did we get here?”; your organization may benefit from our mediation or arbitration Services.


Every situation is unique. Please call us or fill out a support ticket at As a 501(c)(3) non-profit we prefer to receive free-will donations from all supporters of our principles being passed on to those who are in need. It is our desire to completly disconect fudning from our work. While this is a laudable ideal, it is not currently feasable. We roughly charge $100 per hour of presentation time. There are many hours of work that go into and hour of presenting. Opinions writing is dependant on the complexity of the question being asked. We work to assign an agent close to your meeting location but will often need to charge for travel and other related expenses.