Make Meetings Matter

“People don’t hate meetings; they hate wasting our most precious resources: people and time,” Aaron Taggert, PRP.

Your Meetings can be empowering, exciting, and quick. You can master the art of meeting, of group decision making. You do not need to change much. All you really need is a slight paradigm shift:

  • Change can be difficult OR Transistions Take Time
  • People are critical OR Feedback is valuable
  • You are wrong OR Where is the miscommunication

Parliamentary Procedure (the method whereby groups make decisions) does not have to be complicated. Most people do not need to know all the rules; they can get by with the fundamental principles. The goal is to ensure fairness, to be flexible enough to handle the future, and to be humble enough to correct mistakes after they happen.

Hermetas empowers leaders, enabling them to more effectively communicate their ideas. We apply our collective decades of experience in California Community College system, leadership, and consultation to promote Parliamentary Procedure, Conflict Resolution, Open Meetings, and so much more.

We take good leaders and teach them how to become more effective, ethical, and influential. We help build and implement marketing plans to help leaders connect with each other and those they serve. We assist with document archival and institutional memory.

Proper Parliamentary Procedure promotes the values of Democracy and the Fundamental Principles of Parliamentary Law:

  • Courtesy
  • Justice
  • Impartiality
  • Equality

Hermetas will guide your organization to the proper execution of parliamentary procedure. We offer training, consultation, and organizational analysis that will ensure your organization expresses and embraces the above values. Your organization will gain focus, civility, and efficiency.